Getting My Mother a Good Settlement from a Restaurant

You never know when negligence at a place of business can lead to serious injury, but when something like that happens, you want to make sure that you have the representation you need in order to get the settlement that you deserve.  Recently while at a restaurant, my mother tripped over an exposed power cord and fell on her hip.  After visiting the doctor, it appeared that there had been some serious damage suffered during the fall.  She was going to have a whole bunch of hospital bills to pay in order to get her hip fixed, and so I decided to look for a slip and fall attorney nj who would be able to represent my mother and make sure that she received the settlement that she needed in order to cover all of the hospital bills that would come with her injury.

The lawyer assured me that we had a case and that it would likely not even have to go to court in order for her to receive a settlement that would cover all of her bills.  He explained that it was definitely negligence on the part of the restaurant, and that he would make sure that she received a good settlement before we ended up having to pay him.  He was very professional, and he assured me that he had handled many cases like this in the past, and so he would be sure to get the money that my mother needed in order to take care of her hip.

I am definitely glad that I looked into this for my mother, as I am not sure how we would have been able to afford her medical expenses without getting this settlement.  It definitely helped her out a lot.